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Sample Behavior Management Contract


This contract between________ (teenager) and _____________ (parents) is hereby entered into this ______________________, 2003.

Whereas, _____________is a mature and responsible teenager.

Whereas, _____________is at least 16 years of age, has a driver’s license and whishes to drive a car.

Whereas, _____________likes to go to the mall, movie theater and participate in other activities with his friends.

Whereas, _____________likes to spend time with friends, invite them on outings and our home.

Whereas, _____________likes to watch TV in his room talk on the phone, play video games and watch movies on the VCR.

Whereas, _____________likes to party have a good time, buy cassette tapes, water ski, hunt, fish, and swim and ride dirt bikes.

Therefore, be it agreed to do their best t comply with the following statements: With regard to school issues; _________________ agrees to:

  1. Complete school assignments and turn them in on time.
  2. Complete and turn in all homework.
  3. Start his/her homework after dinner. No talking on the phone until homework is completed except if he/she deems a break is necessary.
  4. Be responsible for finding out about and completing any make-up work or make-up tests.
  5. Make every effort to pass all subjects.
  6. Bring home a weekly report in any subject that he/she may be in danger of failing.
  7. Show parents completed homework assignments each evening.

In return, the parents agree:

  1. Not to nag him/her about school work.
  2. To provide assistance if requested.
  3. To ask to see completed homework daily (or one a week)
  4. If necessary, to give one reminder after dinner that homework must be started.
  5. I necessary, to check the weekly school report to see if all school work has been completed.
  6. To allow him/her ( on a school night) to use the phone, watch TV in his/her room, drive with a parent, go to the mall and spend time with
  7. Friends, once all school assignments are completed.

If, in the unlikely event, _____________________should fail a subject, allow him/her to drive and spend time with friends each week that he brings home a passing weekly progress report. With regard to driving privileges, ____________________ aggress to:

  • Wear a seatbelt.
  • Drive the speed limit or less.
  • Take medication when driving.
  • Be home by 10:30 on school nights or 12:30 on weekends.
  • Pay for any gasoline used above gas allowance.
  • Never drink and drive.
  • Pay fines for any speeding tickets.
  • Call parents for advice and/or transportation at any hour, from any place, if I am ever in a situation where I have I been drinking or a friend or date that is driving me has been drinking.

In return, parents agree to:

  • Provide a car to drive ( or let you drive the family car or help teen pay)
  • Pay for car insurance (or pay half the car insurance or teen pay all).
  • Provide gas allowance (one tank every two weeks, or teen pays all).
  • Come and get you at any hour, any place no questions asked and arguments at that time, or I will pay for a taxi to bring you home safely. I expect we would discuss this issue at a later time.

In the unlikely event, ________________________ receives a speeding ticket; he/she will pay any fines, plus lose driving privileges for a week (a weekend, more or fewer days).

All Parties signing this contract are doing so in good faith and with beliefs that the terms of the agreement will be implemented in a fair manner. Exceptions to these rules shall be mutually agreed upon with the parents. If a dispute should arise, he/she can negotiate with parents to make changes to the contract. Let all men know the signing of this document that these statements are agreed to by all parties.

________________________           __________________________

(Teenager)                                      (Parents)

_________________________          _________________________

Date                                               Date

Parents are encouraged to modify this contract to meet your family’s need. This contract can be helpful by stating guidelines for your teenager regarding school issues and driving privileges. Although the sample contract identifies important issues, you can design it specifically for your child. For example, curfews may be earlier or he/she may have more limits on his driving because he/she is only fifteen. Just having a contract will not magically make your teenager comply with these guidelines but will clearly state his privileges, limits and responsibilities. You will need to remind him/her to of responsibilities such as wearing seat belts. The contract may also be modified if sections of it are not applicable or no longer effective. For example, in a large town, a tank of gas may only last a week. If your teenager has had numerous speeding tickets, you may need to talk to the doctor about giving him medication at night when he is driving, send him to another driver training course, or take privileges away for a longer period of time.

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