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Behind The Wheel Training Program

Our Behind the Wheel Training Program at Newport Driving School provides 6 hours of training which satisfies the education requirements to obtain a Driver License for teenagers. All of our vehicles used for behind the wheel training are currently registered, maintained in safe mechanical condition with an insurance certificate required by law. Behind the Wheel Training Program at Newport Driving School is the best!

We offer 6 Hours Private Behind-the-Wheel Lesson (One-on-One) and also 2 hours brush-up private Behind-the-Wheel (One-on-One). The 6 hours BTW is spanned over a three day period. Our DMV Road Test Package includes: Pick-Up and Drop-Off from anywhere in the local area, a vehicle for the Road Test and one hour free brush-Up lesson.

Our Behind the wheel Training Program Basic Driving Techniques covers: Pre-drive Set Ups, Stopping, Steering control, Right & Left turns, Turnabouts, Lanes changes, passing, Being passed, Freeway driving, Backing, Parking, Identification skills, etc.


Not only did my son and most all his friends go to the Newport Driving School but they are my Tenants. They are a responsible, reliable and a professional company that I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to get their license. In addition each student felt individual attention.

Susan S. – Newpot Beach, CA

I’ve had another instructors teach me but Carlos is the best. Had my first driving class yesterday with him and I have learned so much in just 2 hours. With his help and guidance I am sure I will get my license.He is a true professional, I will recommend him to all of my friends who plan to get their license.

5/13/2016 -Update:After only 4 hours of practice with Carlos I managed to pass my behind the wheel test! Once again I stress that Carlos is a true professional, he concentrates on your weaknesses and doesn’t move on to next step until you perfect that skill. I would of not get my license if Not Carlos. I would recommend it to anyone if asked, no doubt all your money is worth Carlos’s lessons. Thank you very much to Carlos and Bewport Beach driving School you guys are the best!!

Nozanin S. – Newport Beach, CA

I thought I knew how to drive until I drove with Carlos! I was really nervous to drive with someone other than my dad but Carlos explained everything in a simple but clear way. I learned the proper way to make perfect turns and how to back up correctly. I drove down the PCH, a perfect place for Carlos to test my ‘changing’ lanes skills, plus the view of the beach was an added bonus. I recommend Carlos to anyone who wants to pass the driving test!

Nicole P. – Costa Mesa, CA

Newport Driving school is the best school ever and Carlos, my driving instructor is the best. I never wanted to drive before, as I was afraid about it, but Carlos was really patient with me and help me to be more confident behind the wheel. He’s a great teacher and you can see that he cares about his students..I passed my written test the 1st time and I get my licence the 1st time as well with only 1 little mistake 🙂 ..I would definitely recommend him and the school. They’re the BEST and I will definitely miss driving with Carlos…thank you Carlos for everything !

Aude R. – Fountain Valley, CA

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