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Continuing Education Seminars

Referring to DMV Division Compliance memo dated 6/2/1982 Continues Professional Education 401.5 in place of a renewal examination every three years provided in section 11105 (2) and 1105.1 (b) (2) of the vehicle code. There is a Professional Education Seminar by DMV at Newport Driving School.

This Continiuing Education Seminars is licensed for use statewide and is designed for all California Driving School Instructors and or Operators.

If you would like to bypass your Instructor or Operator test when your license comes up for renewal, all you need to do is take our 3 informative seminars. After each seminar has been completed, you will be able to receive your completion certificate.

You will take your 3 certificates with you to the DMV, along with your renewal application, and you will NOT be required to take the renewal test.

Our seminars are approved by the California Department of Motor Vehicles and will fulfill the requirements for the driving school operator and instructor.

Please call for details

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