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Driver Education Online Course

How the course works

Online Drivers Education Course is divided into 10 units, with each unit containing its own quiz. You will have to get at least an 80% on the quiz in order to move on to the next unit. Once you have completed all of the units, there is a 30 question final you will need to take in order to receive your Certificate of Completion. A score of 80% on the final is passing. Once you have passed the final, a Certificate of Completion will be mailed to the address you have provided us. You can then use the proof of completion for the purposes of obtaining behind the wheel training and eventually getting your permit from the DMV.

Online Drivers Education Course Vs Classroom Course

Unlike a classroom setting the Newport Driving School, Drivers Education Online Course allows you, as a parent, to have the ability to monitor your son/daughter’s learning experience. Your son/daughter can work at their own pace in a comfortable setup of their own homes. In the case where they encounter difficulties related to a certain topic throughout theDrivers Education Online Course, it’s as simple as a click to go back and review.

Why choose this Online Drivers Ed Course?

There are many online Drivers Education Courses to choose from but their material may not be approved by the DMV. Others may be approved by the Department of Education,yet they do not comply with the high standards that the DMV has set.

Newport Driving School has developed only the Online Drivers Education Course that is approved by the DMV.


Thanks guys!

Got my license today from Laguna Hills!It feels great.I want to thank the team at Newport Driving School for accommodating me at such a short notice. I had only 3 days left before my behind the wheel test and didnt feel confident enough to go ahead and take the test. When I called them up, they were willing to start my training(6 hrs) immediately and get me ready for it. Carlos was my instructor. He is simply fantastic(and funtastic:))! He teaches you driving tricks that you can master in a short period of time. With his interesting talks and funny jokes,he eases you of any nervousness . He instills confidence in you and makes driving a pleasure. I really enjoyed my driving class. Must say, these guys just know how to do it right!

Deepa S. – Irvine, CA
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