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Newport Driving School understands the obligations every person might have that in most cases prevent him/her from pursuing lots of activities due to the lack of time. The same concerns apply to those who wish to learn driving or wish to apply for driving lessons to earn their DMV Driving Licenses.

Newport Driving School Multimedia

Tips To Pass Your Driving Test

With the fact that multimedia has proven the highest rate of information retention and result in shorter learning time and also believing that our teams can help everyone learn driving in the most convenient way, our driving experts have created simple online drivers education courses that match all levels of driving skills.

The content of such courses are based on examples from real life including the common mistakes made by drivers, defensive driving, situations leading to definitive accidents and lots of tips to help all types of drivers (students, seniors, handicapped, celebrities, adults, etc.) Our online courses offer a online drivers education course that is approved by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The training course is divided into chapters that provide educating video materials.

The fee for online drivers education courses includes a complete course and the completion certificate.

We are aware that you have many choices when it comes to choosing where to pursue your driving training online. In fact, many online drivers education courses are made available to all learners shopping for online courses, however, not all of them are designed in the same way Newport Driving School team have compiled the online content. Head Instructor Norma is our multimedia representative who takes his notepad and monitor an exemplary driving lesson while accompanying an instructor during a driving lesson on the road. Norma keeps noting down the common mistakes made by the driver and the best practices as advised by our instructor, as well as the various challenges encountered on the road. Norma repeats this exercise at least once every 2 months in order to collect as many real life experiences as possible.

Everything noted down by Norma later becomes the core of the multi-media course that Newport Driving School offers in its online drivers education courses.We then spend enough time and research testing our methods and what we offer in our online drivers education courses. This way, our students from all age groups enjoy the convenience of learning how to drive while not missing on their daily responsibilities. So sign-up today and get the most convenient and effective online education!

Its easy, just hit this Register link on the website to enroll, or give us a call at our office to register over the phone and begin your course immediately.

If you have any questions or require assistance to create your account,you may contact us by phone or email.

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