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Defensive Driving Safety Course


An 8 Hour Course That Saves You More Than Money
This is a one-on-one, hands-on including California Driver’s Education Requirements and behind-the- wheel-driving session that deals primarily with the skills needed to drive defensively. We incorporate videos and lecture in the training. We use dual control training vehicles for the behind-the-wheel portion of the training. Although this type of training is normally done for employees that have been involved in accidents while driving a company car, it is a very good training class for new employees that are going to be driving as part of their job duties.

What is Defensive driving safety course?
Defensive driving is a way of driving that allows you to take into consideration other drivers’ bad driving habits. Using defensive driving techniques help you anticipate the way, in order to safely avoid accidents. We work on “The Smith System of Driving” The Five Keys to Space Cushion Driving”, Four Characteristics of A Safe Driver (Defensive Driving), Attitude, Observation, Concentration, Anticipation, Tips for Sharing the Road with Trucks: Auto Safety Check List, Special Problems and Emergencies, What To Do If You See An Accident, If, You Are Involved In An Accident, When You Can’t See Because of Fog, Rain, or Snow.

Spend time, Save lives… Take our Defensive Driving Safety Course, Even the best drivers can, sometimes make wrong decisions!, Teach them to make the right ones. Change attitudes. Save lives.

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