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Handicap Driver School

Experienced instructors of Newport Driving School provide the Handicap Driver Training Program on a case by case basis, since handicaps conditions have a lot of variations. We provide training and assistance with vehicle modifications for drivers requiring hand controls, ramps, specialty mirrors and much more.

We work with a variety of suppliers and insurance companies in order to make your Disable Driver Training Programs convenient and comfortable as possible. Our teams have developed specialized training sessions that are adapted to new drivers who have no previous driving experience as well as others who are in need for a refreshing course as they have not been driving for a long time. If you can’t figure out your exact needs, Newport Driving School provides free consultation that will help you identify what’s best for you. The next step would be to customize a course for specifically adapted for your needs.

For positive one hand control of the steering wheel. The spinner knob remains in a fixed position via two support straps stemming from a fixed base which is attached to the steering wheel. Our most popular steering control, the ball-grip presses firmly against the palm of your hand, giving you added strength and control for easy driving.

Your installer can choose the handle angle to suit your preference. The base’s position along the inside of the steering wheel is adjustable according to the individual’s abilities. If you are tall, it can be angled around your leg so that you can reach full acceleration. If you have difficulty reaching the turn signal, the handle easily adjusts closer to the turn signal lever. The simplest Handicap Driver Training Program!, give us a call to answer all your questions.

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