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Mature Driver Improvement Course


Mature Driver Improvement Course [M0312]

The main objective of this program is Mature Driver Improvement.

This licensee is required to fulfill a 1500- minute Driver Education training in a classroom environment.

“Safe Driving Classes for Mature Operators”

Completing this DMV approved 8-hour course may qualify seniors 55 and older for an auto insurance discount.

Policy Statement

The course of study and curriculum outline of the Mature Driver Improvement Program is designed to encourage the participating Mature Driver to continue the following:

  • to improve positive behavior toward traffic courtesy, traffic laws, and accident prevention
  • to become more aware, alert and conscientious of the responsibilities of operating a motor vehicle.
  • to realize the importance of study and review to develop a better understanding of Traffic Safety.
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  1. Description The subject sequence and method of presentation of the Mature Driver Improvement Course is specifically designed to provide mature drivers with information for self-control and competency while driving.
  2. Instruction Competency based instruction will be provided by an instructional team of (teachers) and law enforcement officers (California Highway Patrol) who are licensed by the DMV to teach traffic school. Instruction teams consist of three persons teaching no more than three hours each out of the eight-hour course.This permits specialization in the course context and prevents monotony and boredom of one instructional style over the eight-hour period. Instructional methodology of the Mature Driver Improvement Course will include lecture, group discussion, tests (with correct answers and discussion before concluding this class), films, video cassettes, interaction and evaluation.
  3. Course Structure A minimum of 400 instructional minutes will be provided in this schedule.
  • Instructor will administer a test of true and false (attachment).
  • Instructor will provide the correct answer and accept questions and concerns regarding the test questions.
  • Instructor will encourage class participants to provide oral evaluation of the Mature Drivers Course and its relevance to problem Solving.
  • Students thereafter will be required to complete a written evaluation of the program and the instruction.
  • Class participants will be provided with up to date handout materials regarding traffic safety, alcohol and drugs, transportation statistics, etc.
  • Participants will be encouraged to use notes taken during class as reference. Visual Limitations Instructor will list on a chalkboard for discussion as visual limitations associated with the aging process as follows:
  • Reduced Pupil Size-(reduced ocular transmission) Inability to see clearly at all distances
  • Inability to see details and focus on objects nearby
  • Accommodative Convergence
  • Inability to change accommodation, and focus on objects nearby
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