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Public Figures VIP Program

VIP Driving Instructor, One-On-One Private Driving Instructor, Personalized Training Program

This is a specialized Training in Driving Education and Behind the Wheel that is tailored for celebrities and VIPs at the location of their choice.

Newport Driving School is pleased to offer a special program for celebrities and VIP’s. This program has been developed in order to help people of high social stature receive driving program with ease. We offer training covering all driving situations, including personal driving safety techniques which this sector of the society is in need for now days.

Celebrities in the entertainment industry, politicians, executives and other persons holding prominent positions, require specific standards for driving training. Consequently, many celebrities who desperately need personal driving training avoid getting what they desire, due to their frequently targeted high profile stature. At Newport driving school we understand the needs of public figures for privacy.

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Our Figures Personalized Training Program – VIP Driving Instructor – Private Driving Instructor, includes special provisions for a private and secure way to conclude driving education. Please call for details. Ask for the “ VIP Driving Instructor – Celebrity Program”

Our Public Figures Personalized Training Program is taught in a positive, supportive environment with only constructive instruction. No macho, boot camp mentality, or Drill Sergeant attitude. Only professional, courteous and knowledgeable direction taught by some of the world’s most experienced real-world instructors. All training stages of Public Figures Personalized Training Program package are provided in a totally private atmosphere and completely confidential. Best VIP Driving Instructor and Public Figures Personalized Training Program!

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