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Senior Driving Course


The Senior driving course (DMV Driver Safety Branch) is specially designed by experts of the Newport Driving School to help mature drivers earn their licenses that have been suspended due to medical conditions or deteriorated driving skills. We provide educational and behind the wheel training that enable a Senior Driver to fulfill the DMV Re-examination.

DMV Re-examination is a term used by DMV personnel when an evaluation of a person’s driving skillsis being required. A person with a recent physical or mental (P&M) condition, or a poor driving record, could prompt the need for DMV Re-examination. Senior Drivers have always enjoyed our behind the wheel training courses as well as our wealth of knowledge and consultancy that help them improve their records.

Again and again, it is our usual strategy with all our clients to develop a specific training program best suited to the needs of each individual. That’s how we’ve gained everyone’s trust.

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