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Before Starting the Vehicle:

  • Adjust the mirrors and seat.
  • Fasten the safety belt.
  • Know where the operating controls are located.

Starting the Vehicle:

  • Vehicle is in “Park” or “Neutral”.
  • Foot is on the brake pedal.
  • Start the vehicle smoothly.

Moving Forward:

  • Signal.
  • Look over your shoulder before pulling into traffic.


  • Stop when necessary, behind crosswalk, or limit line.


  • Signal and slow for turns.
  • Begin and end turns in the correct lane.
  • Yield the right-of-way, when necessary.
  • Accept the legal right-of-way when safe.
  • See and react to hazards.


  • Before moving, survey your surroundings for possible obstacles.
  • Check the mirrors and look quickly to the side while backing.
  • Look over your right shoulder when backing.

Changing Lanes:

  • Signal.
  • Check the mirrors.
  • Check over your shoulder.
  • Change lanes safely.

Driving On The Freeway:

  • Check the traffic flow.
  • Time your entry onto the freeway.
  • Check the mirrors and over your shoulder when accelerating into a gap in traffic.
  • Signal early and slow to the posted speed on the exit ramp.
  • Adjust your speed to the road conditions.

Defensive Driving Techniques:

  • Check the mirrors frequently and before braking.
  • Check the cross streets before entering an intersection.
  • Check the signal lights and signs.
  • Keep your eyes “moving” (watch the sides and middle of the road).
  • Allow plenty of room around the vehicle.
  • Follow at a safe distance.

Please contact us to get started, a new session begins this Sept 21st 2017.

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