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Automobile safety

The driver-ZED CD-ROM

Experience the thrill of driving on your PC! Full-screen, full-motion, real-life interactive video puts you in the driver’s seat! You’ll use your eyes and brain to spot trouble before it happens. Spot all the risks and handle them right, and you’ll score a perfect 100. But watch out — it’s harder than you think!

Realistic display shows you three views of the action — even the rear-view and side mirrors!

The driver-ZED CD-ROM puts you into more than 80 live-action situations — the equivalent of several years of actual driving. You’ll face everything from a child chasing a ball into the street to dangerous two-lane passing. You’ll learn how to see danger by actually experiencing it on your computer instead of behind the wheel.

Real teens guide you through the program and offer tips and clues to improve your score. (They’ll also hassle you about your mistakes!)

Driver-ZED offers four kinds of challenges: SCAN! Presents a short video clips and asks you what you’ve seen. You’ll score for correct answers. Sounds easy? Wait until you try it.

SPOT! Shows a longer clip, then stops the action and asks you to click on the driving risks. You’ll earn points for spotting real risks — but clicking on harmless stuff will get you nowhere.

ACT! Scenarios challenge you to spot the risks and choose the right action. You’ll “drive” through the scene until it stops and asks you what to do. Make the right choice and you’re safe. Choose wrong and you’re toast.

DRIVE! Takes you to the most realistic level, almost like being in a real car. You’ll be driving down the road when suddenly there’s a traffic problem. You choose when to act and what to do — you better give ZED your full attention, or you’ll crash!

Driver-ZED takes you through all four levels of risk in three different environments: Around Town, In the Country, and On the Highway, just like the real world.

So drop driver-ZED into your CD-ROM drive and get on the road!

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is a publicly supported, non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable research and educational organization. Driver-ZED has been entirely produced thanks to charitable contributions from the American Automobile Association and Canadian Automobile Association and their affiliated motor clubs, from thousands of individual AAA members; and from AAA-affiliated insurance companies. The AAA Foundation developed this program in response to a serious need for better training of teen drivers — sixteen-year-olds have 20 times the number of crashes per mile as the average driver. AAA Foundation research identified inappropriate risk management as one of the key contributors to this tragically high crash rate. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety hopes that this product can help reduce teen drivers’ crashes, but assumes no liability for its use or misuse.

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